"Sherlock Holmes, you are a back-stabbing, heartless, manipulative bastard."
"And you, as it turns out, are a grasping, opportunistic, publicity-hungry tabloid whore."
"So we’re good, then?"
"Yeah, of course."


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/secrets i have held in my heart/

/are harder to hide than i thought/


a little bit of my FAVORITE THING TO DO


"not everything is about johnlock!" yes it is. literally everything is about johnlock. i study for johnlock. i take care of my pets for johnlock. i clean behind my ears for johnlock. try johnlock today for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.


And then it’s gone.



There is one thing I would like to know. If you have never particularly needed my assistance, why in god’s name did you drag me along behind you for a decade while you made a name for yourself? Or, may I say, while I made a name for you? Did you simply require a dim-witted but faithful someone to make you seem clever by comparison?

Receiving no answer, Watson goes into his room and closes the door.

Holmes remains motionless, like a statue of himself. Suddenly he snatches up the fireplace poker, and wrenches it back into a straight rod.

He hurls the poker across the room, throws himself into his chair and stares into space.”

-“Holmes and Watson”, Lee Shackleford


"Forget any of this happened. Stay away from people like me."

Eastern Promises (2007), dir. David Cronenberg


"Just the two of us against the rest of the world!"


Granada Holmes : The Dancing Men (1984)

"John Watson, you keep me right" - The Sign of Three (BBC Sherlock)