Some girls are just so pretty and flawless. It’s not even their looks, it’s just their vibe. I dig it. 


I’m in deep debt, without you I wouldn’t survive


Sometimes Sherlock wakes up to find John watching him sleep. He still gets shy when he sees it. Maybe even blushes a bit.


What happens in Cornwall stays in Cornwall.


If John doesn’t playfully smack Sherlock’s butt at least ONCE after they get together this show has been a waste of my time

You wanted happiness, I can’t blame you for that,

and maybe a mouth sounds idiotic when it blathers on about joy

    but tell me

you love this, tell me you’re not miserable. -(x)



I commissioned inchells to draw John and Sherlock in bed together where Sherlock sleeps like an octopus, limbs all over John.  It’s amazing and gorgeous.  It’s absolutely perfect.  John’s expression is cracking me up.

Thank you inchells!!!  I love it!


You’re so lucky bruised knuckles is all you got.

For Neeea in the AU exchangelock who has a certain fondness for femlock <3


*points to favorite character* bisexual

*fandom crying loudly* no…stop……theyre not….they either homogay or heterostraight…..please don’t….

*points to favorite character again* love that bisexual

Do you feel incapable of defining yourself? Or just unwilling? I think that’s not the way it works in life. I think it’s pointless to try to define yourself.


I want a girlfriend who is super girly like me. I want to listen to boy bands together and sing obnoxiously loud. I want to wear each others clothes and do our makeup together. I want to go to bed at night wearing sexy lingerie from Victorias Secret that we paid way too much for. Most of all, I want to take that overpriced lingerie off of her and make her feel loved.


i just want one scene where sherlock does something really cute for/to john and thinks no one is watching but of course he’s caught by mycroft and lestrade and mrs hudson and basically everyone and they’re all just like awwww and sherlock is like SHUT UP EVERYBODY SHUT UP JUST GO AWAY NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN


Mini John