“The way Vicar Oddie put it, they’re all supposed to be possessed by the Devil himself. Demons in disguise. I haven’t found that at all. My handsome man’s back. He’s different, he’s a bit different looking, but he’s still the same deep down. You know I know that. My Rick is a - he’s a good boy.”


"I need you to tell me that you love me." That line literally robbed me of my whole youth. I’ve been upset about that line for…oh let’s say about four years now.


House Week  -  Favorite Relationship : House/Wilson

I need you, okay? I want you to be around as long as possible because I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.

im in a mood where i want to order like a bajillion books of poetry bc im rlly into poetry but im afraid i wont read them bc i have books i ordered like months ago still lying around BUT IT’S POETRY :’(


someone once (or twice… or thrice…) asked me to draw teenlock, and I love awkward tiny shorts

im in love with like more than half of you guys like so in love


sherlock au where john and sherlock are in their mid-twenties. john is working at a convenience store in london, trying to start paying off his student loans.  sherlock is looking to buy a package of cigarets. when checking out, john asks if he would like to by a lotto ticket. sherlock responds with a long rant about the chances of winning and gambling addictions. john asks what his deal is and sherlock explains the consulting detective bit. john tells him that if he goes half on a ticket with him on a ticket and they win, he’ll move into the biggest flat in town with him and be his crime fighting sidekick. the whole thing is very funny to the two strangers, until they actually win.

Oh, look at that face! So nice to squeeze it again.


I want Sherlock to end with John and Sherlock to getting married and retiring to Sussex to keep bees, and then nothing horrible happens and they just happily and quietly live their lives together, sometimes going on cases, and sometimes not talking for days on end because the two don’t need words anymore, and they’ve never been the best at using them anyway. And the wonderful thing is that because John and Sherlock are fictional characters, if the story ends there, they never have to die, they just get to live on in a small cottage forever. And that is beautiful.


kieren’s punk rock phase, featuring: 

  • some sort of ironic military jacket
  • a ripped up denim monstrosity
  • some weird leather thing with lots of zips and buckles (oo-er)
  • so many black clothes (so, so many)
  • a red thing? i don’t wanna know…
  • and a fuckton of musty old grandpa jumpers
  • edit: and apparently plaid punk trousers as well (thanks smilinggod)

his wardrobe is a bit of a trainwreck tbh. 


When the chips are down I’ll be around
With my undying death defying love for you… 


Current emotion: dead inside because every time Sherlock behaves in a childish/insecure way that makes it seem like he is rejecting John, John basically backs to the other side of the earth and is like “right okay please don’t worry about it I’m sorry you’re great just like this and I didn’t mean anything i love you we’re fine fine just like this however you’re more comfortable anything at all”